Impact public policy with an MHA

February 20, 2015

Professionals from all backgrounds find themselves drawn to policy work.

A tax accountant may want to streamline governmental budgeting. An insurance representative may want to influence public health strategy. Clinical nurses may want to improve patient care from the legislative level.

Would you prefer to implement public policy as a public administrator, uphold it while leading in a health care organization, or shape it from a health care perspective?

Implement policy as a public administrator.

Legislative leaders write policies, and public administrators implement them across government agencies. Public administrators work in all areas of government, from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to the United States Postal Service. Public administrators oversee budgets, manage government resources, and design procedures to execute government mandates like the insurance requirement of the Affordable Care Act.

In Capella University’s MPA program, you’ll learn how to lead organizations to achieve policy objectives. You’ll also learn how to apply leadership, finance, and human resource skills in the field of public administration.

Related job titles to explore with an MPA include:

  • Management analyst
  • Executive director
  • Director of human resources
  • Budget analyst
  • Director of finance

Uphold public policy as a health care leader.

Health care administrators ensure health care organizations adhere to public policies and government mandates while delivering quality care to patients. They manage hospitals and health facilities, coordinate finances, and comply with current government regulations, including patient privacy, health care portability, and billing requirements.

Whether implementing public policy across an entire organization or within a department, health care administrators aim to balance cost, access, and quality of care.

If you want to help shape the future of health care, consider a Master of Health Administration (MHA).

In Capella’s MHA program, you’ll learn about managing patient care, delivering health care benefits, and health care organizational development. You’ll focus on how to efficiently lead, deliver, and advocate for policies to improve health care.

Related job titles to explore with an MHA include:

  • Department manager
  • Chief nursing officer
  • Health care consultant
  • Government relations director
  • Health services manager

Shape public policy as a public health official.

Public health officials shape policy on the local, state, regional, and federal level. Working for government agencies and health departments, they collect data about issues ranging from the condition of local drinking water to noise levels, environmental contamination, and food safety.

If you are interested in using your health care background to shape public policy, consider Capella’s Master of Public Health (MPH).

In the MPH program, you’ll learn how psychological, behavioral, and social factors—such as mental illness, tobacco use, and employment status—affect public health. You’ll also gain experience in the field through a collaborative project with a local public health organization.

The degree program will help you gain the skills and knowledge to advise policymakers and, if needed, to testify before legislative committees.

Related job titles to explore with an MPH include:

  • Health communications specialist
  • Health outcomes analyst
  • Health policy analyst
  • Community health director

All three career paths will help you get involved in public policy – the key is to decide which program best suits your professional goals.

Learn more about Capella’s Master of Health Administration degree program.

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