Advancing your career with a Master’s in Information Technology

Advancing your career with a Master’s in Information Technology

April 29, 2015

Providing innovative IT solutions to a client, employer, or business partner requires an understanding of the industry’s greatest challenges and a background in complex enterprise technology systems.

Master’s in Information Technology prepares you with advanced knowledge, skills, and experience to move into a variety of areas of IT. Here are four career possibilities and associated responsibilities.

1. IT management

IT managers help data-dependent businesses plan and manage improvements in their IT infrastructure and security. This area of information technology may also include team leadership—managing others and ensuring they have the information needed to move forward with their projects. Those with an interest in using strategic information to make an impact on their organization, or those who enjoy teamwork and leading others may be interested in an IT management career.

Master’s in IT coursework related to IT management includes communication skills for IT leaders, integration of IT and business, and leading a global IT enterprise.

Related job titles to explore include:

  • IT manager
  • IT director

2. Web development

Web development requires an aptitude for understanding technical language, computer code, and quality assurance (QA) policies and programs. This area may focus on solutions related to software systems or supporting applications that drive business growth. If you enjoy the challenge of solving problems that require the support of technical applications, an advanced career in web development may be the right solution.

Classes related to web development include analytics, databases and programming, and information management.

Related job titles to explore include:

  • Senior web developer
  • Systems software developer

3. IT systems management

From helping people understand how to use business applications and hardware, to managing and implementing those systems, this area requires considerable attention to technical details and the ability to communicate complex issues across the enterprise. If you enjoy learning about the newest IT systems and advising others on their IT choices, this may be the field for you.

Coursework to support your career growth in IT systems management includes complex IT global enterprise systems planning and management.

Related job titles to explore include:

  • Information systems manager
  • Senior network administrator

4. IT analysis

To help businesses leverage IT for growth, organizations need highly skilled people who can advise them on optimizing their computer and information systems. If you are interested in developing innovative ways to use technology or providing assessments to organizations about how IT affects overall business success, a career in IT analysis may be for you.

Related coursework in the area of IT analysis provides education on the logic of mapping IT systems to enterprise architecture and the importance of creating business intelligence systems.

Related job titles to explore include:

  • Computer systems analyst
  • Computer and information research scientist

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