Seven must-read blogs for information security professionals

April 3, 2017

Data breaches. Cybersecurity. Malware.

As a professional in the information security space, you likely come across these topics on a regular basis. There’s no better way to stay current on the latest information, trends, and resources in your field than to add these seven information security blogs to your must-read list.

1. Krebs on Security

Brian Krebs is a former investigative journalist who breaks stories on all of the major cybersecurity breaches. From 1995 to 2009, Krebs was a Washington Post reporter who covered tech policy, privacy, and computer security, and authored the Security Fix blog.

His current blog, Krebs on Security, has made several of the top security blogs-to-read lists and is among the most well-known and respected in the space. Krebs is credited with discovering the Target data breach in 2015 and being the first to report on the Stuxnet worm in 2010. 

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2. Naked Security Blog

Security hardware and software company Sophos hosts the Naked Security blog. It is a “threat newsroom” featuring computer security news, opinion pieces, advice, and research, as well as topics ranging from mobile security threats and operating systems to malware and company profiles.

Naked Security is updated multiple times a day and receives around 1.5 million page views per month. It has won numerous awards dubbing it the best current security blog on the web.

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3. Threatpost

Threatpost is an independent news site for IT and business security. The editorial team frequently breaks important stories, aggregates relevant security news from other sources, and engages with readers to discuss the importance of emerging events.

Threatpost offers articles, podcasts, and videos on topics like malware, mobile security, vulnerabilities, privacy, and much more.

Threatpost has been highlighted by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, USA Today, and NPR as a go-to source for security news.

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4. Dark Reading

Dark Reading is a widely-read cybersecurity site that brings together IT professionals, security researchers, and technology specialists. The blog features 10 main subject areas that drill deep into enterprise security challenges, such as Vulnerabilities & Threats and Application Security.

Dark Reading provides a wealth of timely, well-researched, and informative articles that encourage lively discussion.

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5. Dan Kaminsky’s Blog

Dan Kaminsky is a security researcher and chief scientist of White Ops, a firm specializing in detecting malware activity via JavaScript. For more than a decade, Kaminsky has been a sought-after security researcher and has advised Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Avaya, and Microsoft.  His blog features in-depth posts with insight on pressing security issues.

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6. Wired

Wired is a monthly magazine and online blog that focuses on how emerging technologies are shaping culture, business, politics, and the economy. The Security section includes topics such as phishing, ransomware, and infrastructure.

Featured post: It’s About to Get Even Easier to Hide On the Dark Web

7. IT Security Guru

The IT Security Guru provides breaking IT and security news first thing in the morning, highlighting the top 10 IT stories from around the web. They also provide news from the editor, feature top “gurus,” and allow readers to contribute to opinion articles.

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Blogs are a great way to keep current with information security news and information. If you want to take your skills and knowledge to the next level, learn more about Capella University’s information security programs:

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