Eight reasons to choose online education

October 26, 2022

Curious what earning your degree online may look like? Here are eight benefits of online learning.

1. Learn with structure, or on your schedule

How you learn is up to you. You can choose to learn with set deadlines and coursework or set your own deadlines to move at your own pace.

2. Communication: you have options

There’s no running around between buildings or worrying about office hours to find the right people to ask a question. Email, phone, text – communicate in a way that’s convenient for you.

3. 24/7 course access

Work on your courses when and where it’s most convenient. All you need is an internet connection and a digital device.

4. Resources at your fingertips

You’ll find more than courses online. From extensive digital libraries, online writing centers, even tech support – these are all resources you can find online.

5. Personalized support

Get one-on-one support before you submit your application to graduation. A dedicated enrollment counselor helps you find your program, faculty support you through your coursework and academic coaches help guide you through your degree journey.

6. Online student community

Online doesn’t mean you’re alone. Engage with a community of students from around the country – even around the world – who are working alongside you.

7. Materials delivered all at once

No lectures. No waiting on resources to be handed out. Everything’s presented up front for you to explore, so you can plan your coursework around your schedule.

8. Learning formats that make sense

Capella’s two learning formats let you choose how you learn. With FlexPath, set your own deadlines and move at your own pace, or with GuidedPath, follow a set schedule with fixed weekly deadlines.

Considering advancing your education? It’s worth taking some time to research online degree programs and learning formats that will fit your lifestyle and goals.

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