6 ways Capella supports nurses

May 5, 2020

Nurses are on the front lines, making sacrifices during this time of crisis. Not only do nurses care directly for patients, they also work to advance health care delivery, patient advocacy, and health care policy. It's not easy being a constant source of aid, especially during a pandemic.

To honor the dedication of nurses and their global influence, the World Health Organization has named 2020 the Year of the Nurse. This year more than ever, Capella University sees, applauds, and supports nurses everywhere.

VIDEO: Capella Celebrates Year of the Nurse

Here are six ways that Capella supports nurses:

1. Education that meets you where you are

You’re busy holding down a job. Maybe you are taking care of kids or older family members. Perhaps you’re juggling multiple responsibilities and a full schedule. That’s why Capella offers flexible degree programs and multiple pathways to earn an online nursing degree or certificate.

One of these options is FlexPath™. Complete courses at your own pace and set your own deadlines. FlexPath is available for all our nursing degrees, even at the doctoral level.

2. Outstanding faculty and teaching support

Capella employs instructors who are enthusiastic about teaching adult learners online. The university offers ongoing support to faculty to help them develop and strengthen their online teaching skills.

3. Advocacy for nurses as leaders

Nurses have a wealth of clinical, patient care, and systems knowledge that can help health care organizations reach their goals. But currently, not enough nurses sit on boards to influence critical decisions in hospitals and clinics. The Nurses on Boards Coalition (NOBC) has a mission to increase the number of nurses on boards across the U.S. and to amplify nurses’ voices.

Capella is a founding strategic partner of the NOBC helping to spread the word about the organization and encouraging nurses to consider serving on boards. Joining boards offers nurses the opportunity to help their communities, collaborate with other professionals, and gain useful leadership experience.

Learn more about the NOBC and why boards need nurses

Capella has its own Nursing and Health Sciences Advisory Board made up of leading health care strategists. This board works with Capella faculty to ensure that its nursing programs effectively prepare students to thrive in the dynamic field of health care.

Learn more about our Nursing and Health Sciences Advisory Board

4. Strong relationships with employers

Capella has more than 220 employer partnerships with leading hospital systems and insurance providers. Partners collaborate with Capella because they know our nursing degree programs prepare people to excel in today’s complex, evolving health care world. These partners offer Capella tuition discounts to make it easier and more affordable for employees to pursue their nursing education.

5. Partnership with the American Nurses Association (ANA)  

The ANA has championed the interests of nurses for over 100 years. Capella partners with the ANA to stay in lockstep with what matters most to nurses. In 2020, the Year of the Nurse, Capella is sponsoring:

  • The ANA’s self-care initiative, part of National Nurses Week (May 6 – 12) and
  • The ANA’s National Nurses Week webinar. In this free online lecture, you can learn how to leverage the power of storytelling to help advance the field of nursing.
    Download the free webinar

6. More than 14,000 nurse learners and alumni
Take it from people like you who have been through our programs:

“Getting my MSN was the next step that made sense. As a social media influencer, I have a sense of accountability when I am sharing educational knowledge. I want people to find me as a great resource for not just personal nursing experiences, but educational ones as well. Getting my MSN showed that I was dedicated to growing myself both personally and professionally.”

– Ashley Adkins, MSN

“This degree has impacted the way I look at nursing education, giving me insight into how curricula are created and evaluated for student outcomes.”

 – Mike Linares, RN-to-MSN

“[My education] gave me the ability to properly assess contributions within my organization and advocate for my patients on an executive/corporate level providing business plans.”

– Nacole Riccaboni, MBA

Actual FlexPath graduates compensated for appearing in Capella promotional materials.

When you’re ready to pursue an online nursing degree, Capella is here.

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