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Can I fit school into my busy life?

This FlexPath trial course puts you in control with a self-paced format, and allows you to practice setting your own deadlines.

Can I afford school?

In this trial course, explore our subscription-based tuition structure and learn how you may save time and money with FlexPath.

How does FlexPath work?

In this trial course, you’ll practice being a FlexPath student. See example assessments and complete your own FlexPath assessment.

Am I a good fit for FlexPath?

In this trial course, you’ll explore all the elements of a FlexPath courseroom to see if it's a good fit for your learning style.

“I was blown away with FlexPath after doing the trial course. I have been putting off getting my degree because I simply haven’t had the time. However, after really jumping in and seeing what it would be like, I’m ready to get started.”

Kati Kleber1 FlexPath Student

4 reasons why thousands have chosen FlexPath.

Ultimate Flexibility

FlexPath lets you set your own deadlines to put you in control of your pace to graduation.


Once you complete a course, you can move on to the next course without having to wait.

Pace Determines Price

Pay a flat tuition fee* every 12 weeks instead of paying per credit, so the faster your pace, the more you save.

Leverage What You Know

You can move faster through what you know and take your time on what you need to learn.

*Books, supplies and other fees may apply.

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1Actual FlexPath student who is compensated for appearing on this page.