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In a busy world, the freedom to pursue your degree on your terms can be a game changer. See how real students are using FlexPath to advance toward their personal and professional goals.

Capella students share their FlexPath experiences

How does this innovative learning format help people fit higher education into their lives? Sponsored students and alumni across a wide range of disciplines explain how FlexPath works for them.

What is a FlexPath course like?

What taking a FlexPath course is like

Ayleen is a graduate from the RN-to-BSN program with FlexPath. See what her nursing informatics course is like with FlexPath.

Ayleen Voegele, FlexPath grad

RN-to-BSN »

What it’s like to apply your knowledge

An RN with a bachelor’s degree leverages her experience and knowledge to advance toward her master’s in nursing.

Ashley Adkins, FlexPath alum

Master of Science in Nursing »

3 tips for staying on track in your program

This MSN student has three simple tips to help you stay on track to reach your higher education goals with FlexPath.

Tori Meskin, FlexPath student

Master of Science in Nursing »

Can I really fit FlexPath into my life?

A flexible option for a CNO

Lynn is a busy mom, experienced nurse and CNO at a large hospital. See how she can work toward her doctoral degree with FlexPath.

Lynn Kosar, FlexPath student

Doctor of Nursing Practice »

Flexibility for a mom-to-be

Even with a baby on the way, FlexPath gave Ashley the freedom and control to pursue her MSN on her terms.
Ashley Adkins, FlexPath alum

Master of Science in Nursing »

Fitting FlexPath into the holiday season

How does a full-time mom and entrepreneur manage to continue her MBA studies during a particularly busy time of year? See how Courtney can with FlexPath.

Courtney Sanders, FlexPath student

Master of Business Administration »

What is “competency-based education,” and how do I know online learning is right for me?

What is competency-based education?

A master’s student in education describes how competency-based education can help students learn, demonstrate and apply new skills.
Michelle Ferre, FlexPath alum

Master of Education »

Debunking myths about online learning

What’s it like to pursue your degree online? Are the courses hard? Do you get to know your professors? Hear about it from a real FlexPath student.

Courtney Sanders, FlexPath student

Master of Business Administration »

Setting and changing target dates

Flexibility isn’t just an idea. See how Tori, an MSN FlexPath student, manages her own target dates for completing assessments in her program.

Tori Meskin, FlexPath student

Master of Science in Nursing »

What are assessments and how will I be graded?

Explaining grading with FlexPath

Ayleen, an RN-to-BSN grad, describes the process of building practical skills and knowledge through FlexPath assessments.

Ayleen Voegele, FlexPath graduate

RN-to-BSN »

Behind the scenes of an MSN assessment

Lacey explains how she leveraged her nursing and entrepreneurial work to complete a specific FlexPath assessment.

Lacey Naematullah, FlexPath student

Master of Science in Nursing »

Completing an assessment from start to finish

There are no traditional exams or grades in FlexPath – so what are FlexPath assessments and how do they work? A master’s student explains.

Michelle Ferre, FlexPath alum

Master of Education »

What is the practicum or capstone like?

Mike’s practicum experience

The practicum gives MSN students a chance to develop skills in a real hospital environment. Mike describes his own practicum and offers advice.
Mike Linares, FlexPath alum

RN-to-MSN »

Ashley’s practicum experience

Want to know more about the nuts and bolts of a nursing practicum? Hear an MSN student in nursing education break it down.

Ashley Adkins, FlexPath alum

Master of Science in Nursing »

Nacole’s MBA capstone

An MBA student completes her capstone by applying her skills and knowledge to a real-world business problem.

Nacole Riccaboni, FlexPath alum

Master of Business Administration »

Hear our student stories

Take a look at these stories and discover how FlexPath can give you the freedom and flexibility to pursue your degree.

*Actual FlexPath students and graduates compensated for appearing in Capella promotional materials.

Tori Meksin
Tori Meksin
Master of Science in Nursing


Tori Meskin FlexPath

Tori, a neonatal intensive care unit nurse, shares stories and advice through her online channel @Nurse.Tori_ and her podcast, The Cellfie Show. As Tori pursues her MSN in nursing leadership, FlexPath allows her to continue to influence fellow nurses.

Tori’s FlexPath Journey


Lynn Kosar Profile
Lynn Kosar
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Lynn Kosar Profile FlexPath

With over 28 years of experience, Lynn is a chief nursing officer in Pennsylvania and is pursuing her DNP. FlexPath lets Lynn leverage her experience and pursue her education while balancing career and family life.

Lynn’s FlexPath Journey


Ayleen Voegele Profile
Ayleen Voegele


Ayleen Voegele Profile FlexPath

Ayleen is a RN-to-BSN graduate who inspires nurses and other professionals through her online platform.

Ayleen's RN-to-BSN FlexPath Story


Lacey Naematullah
Master of Science in Nursing


Lacey Naematullah flexpath

Lacey is a cardiac nurse in New Jersey as well as a mom, mentor and founder of The Empowered Nurse. She is committed to giving support to new nurses through her platforms and, with an MSN, wants to continue to mentor nurses.

Lacey's FlexPath Journey


Courtney L Sanders Profile
Courtney Sanders
Master of Business Administration


Courtney Sanders flexpath

Courtney Sanders is a mom, wife, entrepreneur, speaker and MBA FlexPath graduate. Courtney empowers women in business by curating an environment of entrepreneurship and personal growth.

Courtney's FlexPath Journey


Bridget Spackman's Profile
Bridget Spackman
Master of Education


Bridget Spackman FlexPath

Bridget is a teacher, presenter, mother, MEd FlexPath graduate and the face behind the YouTube channel TheLetteredClassroom. Her channel provides resources and inspiration to educators.

Bridget's FlexPath Journey


Mike Linares Profile
Mike Linares


Mike Linares FlexPath

Mike is a nurse, traveler and RN-to-MSN FlexPath graduate. He’s also the founder and owner of Simple Nursing, an online collection of tools that help students pass nursing school. 

Mike’s FlexPath Wrap-Up


Ashley Adkins Profile
Ashley Adkins
Master of Science in Nursing


Ashley Adkins  FlexPath

Ashley’s a mom, an ICU nurse and an MSN FlexPath graduate. Throughout it all, she continues to inspire nurses on her YouTube channel, AshleyAdkinsRN.

Ashley’s FlexPath Wrap-Up


Michelle Emerson Profile
Michelle Emerson
Master of Education


Michelle Emerson  FlexPath

Michelle is a fourth-grade teacher and the face behind the YouTube channel PocketfulofPrimary. She’s excited to incorporate everything she learned from her MEd into her classroom and to continue growing as an educator.

Michelle’s FlexPath Wrap-Up


Nacole Riccaboni Profile
Nacole Riccaboni
Master of Business Administration


Nacole Riccaboni FlexPath

A nurse practitioner and MBA FlexPath graduate, Nacole focuses on the business side of health care. She’s a mom, wife and the creator of NurseNacole, a blog for the nursing community.

Nacole’s FlexPath Wrap-Up


Kati Kleber Profile
Kati Kleber
Master of Science in Nursing


Kati Kleber FlexPath

Kati is the founder of FreshRN, a blog for nurses. She is a critical care nurse, an author, a new mom and a FlexPath MSN graduate.

Kati’s FlexPath Wrap-Up


Coni Pasch
Coni Pasch
Master of Business Administration
Coni Pasch FlexPath

Coni, a mom of three and an IT executive at a Fortune 500 company, chose FlexPath for her MBA so she could leverage her 20 years of experience.

Coni’s FlexPath Wrap-Up


Todd Boyer
Todd Boyer
Master of Education
Todd Boyer FlexPath

Todd, a father of two, is a tenured teacher in Missouri. He enjoyed how his MEd FlexPath program let him fit school around his career and family life.

Todd’s FlexPath Journey


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