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Ambitious, focused, and highly motivated—if that sounds like you, you’re in the right place. When you become a student at Capella, you’ll learn alongside other working professionals who share similar aspirations and levels of experience.

Learning online at Capella

24/7 courseroom access

Unlike at a traditional university, learning online gives you the flexibility to study when you want, where you want, and from any device.

Courseroom guidance

At the start of each course, you’ll receive a syllabus outlining expectations for each assignment to help you achieve success.

Personalized support

Throughout your education, you’ll have access to a variety of support resources including financial aid and career services.

10 skills to advance your career

In a world driven by technology, you may think success is all about expertise. But employers also want people with personal and professional skills—like problem solving, relationship building and innovation. In our bachelor’s degree programs, we’ve combined academic subjects and 10 essential career readiness skills.

“I made incredible friends in the courseroom discussion threads, and we are going to meet and celebrate together at graduation. You're never alone; you're always supported by the Capella community.”

Isabel Francis
RN-to-MSN, Nursing Informatics

Connect with other students

Become part of a community that spans all 50 states and more than 20 countries. You’ll have the option to join student groups, Facebook groups, participate in class discussions, chat online, and even meet up with students locally. Additionally, our peer-mentoring program provides an opportunity for you to connect with alumni to share resources, skills, and perspectives.

Ask our alumni

Questions about learning online at Capella? Talk to someone who’s done it. Our alumni are excited to share their experiences with you.

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