Site-Based Learning Requirements MS in Marriage & Family Therapy

Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy

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Clinical practice internships are training experiences designed to give you professional on-site instruction and experience under supervision from your Capella faculty AAMFT Approved Supervisor and the site supervisor. You will commit to part-time practice delivering services through direct contact hours while completing online site-based learning courses. As you complete your internships, you will be continually evaluated and given appropriate learning experiences to ensure that core theories and skills are well understood and effectively put into practice.

Site-Based Learning requirements

Your master’s program fieldwork requirements are based on COAMFTE standards and include 300 direct contact hours across your four internship courses, 100 of those hours must be relational. The internship experiences are devoted to learners practicing specific clinical skills, including interviewing, assessment, intervention, documentation, and consultation in a clinical practice setting.


The internship requires 300 hours of direct client contact in a clinical setting working with individuals, couples and families. These hours must be fulfilled across a minimum of four quarters. You will be required to accrue a minimum of 100 relational hours as part of the 300 direct contact hours. As an intern, you will also meet weekly with your fieldwork faculty supervisor who is an AAMFT-approved supervisor. Additionally, you will meet weekly with your on-site supervisor throughout the internship experience.

Clinical Practice Sites

You will be responsible for locating a site, with support from the program that can provide the types of activities, numbers of clients, and supervision needed to meet your program's site-based learning requirements, as well as any specific requirements of your state licensure board.

You will locate settings such as community-based or private agencies and residential facilities in your community for the site-based learning component of your programs; practice sites and supervisors must be approved by Capella to ensure all program requirements and accreditation standards are met.

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