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$10,000 Capella-Optum scholarship for alumni

Reduced tuition for MSN – Nurse Practitioner students

Capella University has partnered with Optum® to help prepare and support nurses for the future of health care through credible, flexible education. Capella and Optum are proud to invest in our alumni with $10,000 toward tuition costs in your MSN – Nurse Practitioner program. Capella-Optum Scholarships are scholarships that are not need-based. Review eligibility rules and exclusions below.

$10,000 alumni scholarship details for the MSN – Nurse Practitioner program

Capella-Optum Scholarships are a smart way to help pay for your education. Learn more about eligibility, disbursement and other scholarship details.

Capella-Optum Scholarships help us to support our alumni by recognizing the hard work it takes to earn a degree. This scholarship is not need-based – just meet these eligibility requirements and apply.

Student eligibility and enrollment requirements

  • Must meet Capella university admissions requirements.
  • Must be a former student reapplying to the university and accepted into an eligible program in the GuidedPath learning format starting now through January 2025. Must complete and submit the scholarship application form before 11:59 p.m. Central Time the day courses begin.
  • Must be a graduate of a Capella bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree program in the GuidedPath or FlexPath learning format.
  • Recipients who do not remain enrolled through the first two weeks of the quarter will forfeit the award for that quarter.
  • Recipients who change to an ineligible program, graduate, are dismissed from the university, or are inactive from the university for four consecutive quarters for any reason will have all future disbursements canceled.

Additional eligibility requirements for former Capella students

To be considered a former student reapplying to the university and eligible for this offer, the student must not be currently enrolled in the university when reapplying, and must meet one of the four following criteria.

  • Graduate of a Capella certificate or a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree program in the GuidedPath or FlexPath learning format.
  • Inactive from the university for at least four consecutive quarters.
  • Program of prior admittance to the university has been restaged or retired.
  • Applying to a program at a different degree level than program of prior admittance.

Faculty and staff of Capella University, Strategic Education, Inc., and Strategic Education, Inc. subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as their spouses, domestic partners and dependent children, are not eligible for the scholarship.

The terms and conditions of all scholarships and each subsequent renewal are subject to change and will be governed by university scholarship policies. Capella University reserves the right to cancel or modify any scholarship funded by the university at any time.

Refer to details below for further information regarding disbursement schedule, academic standards and impacts to program costs.

Apply for $10,000 scholarship

How to apply for this scholarship

Applying for a Capella-Optum Scholarship is simple. Follow these steps.

Apply to Capella

To take advantage of the Capella-Optum Scholarship, you need to be a returning Capella student and meet eligibility requirements. Complete an application and enroll as a Capella student.

Complete the scholarship application

Review the scholarship eligibility rules and exclusions. If you believe you are eligible, apply before 11:59 p.m. Central Time the day courses begin. You can always ask your enrollment counselor if you have questions.

Enroll in your program courses

After you have enrolled and submitted your completed scholarship application, work with your enrollment counselor to enroll in your courses.

Other ways to reduce tuition

*All transfer and Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) must be completed prior to starting any program in the FlexPath format. Any professional certification or external courses taken concurrently with FlexPath enrollment cannot be recognized in the Capella degree program.

Take the next step

Still have questions? We’re here for you. Connect with our financial aid advisors and enrollment counselors, who can help you find ways to pay for college, start the application process and more.