The difference between health care and nursing informatics

September 24, 2018

Technology and data are used in the health care industry to drive change that may lead to more efficient care delivery, improved patient care, lower costs, and better health outcomes.

Broadly, the field of informatics in health care is the study, design, and application of information technology to improve human health.

Health care informatics is a broad term inclusive of many roles and aspects of using data to improve health care, while nursing informatics tends to focus on patient care. Capella University offers numerous informatics programs in nursing and health care. Here, faculty members Allison Terry, PhD, and Lydia Forsythe, PhD, share a guide to help you better understand the differences in the fields, as well as career paths to explore for each.

Explore Capella’s bachelor’s, master’s, and certificate programs in health information management, health care informatics, and nursing informatics:

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