In a work world made up of long commutes, frequent meetings, and compounding deadlines, the podcast has found a niche in providing on-the-go learning in a simple yet effective manner.

Particularly beneficial to the ever-evolving IT sector, podcasts are a handy way to stimulate new ideas and hear from professionals across the globe with unique viewpoints on issues affecting the technology world.

Whether you’re an IT newbie, student, or experienced professional, the following podcasts can help you further your knowledge and stay up-to-date on industry trends.


1. IT Pro Show

A weekly podcast about Enterprise IT news and tech trends aimed at informing and entertaining IT professionals.

Featured episode: How We Got Here. With over 50 years of combined IT experience, the hosts of this particular episode focus on how they got into the field of IT, acquired new skills, and honed their craft.


2. Inside IT

This bi-weekly podcast series features Intel IT subject matter experts, as well as other guest IT experts, discussing topics ranging from cloud computing and security to social media and the compute continuum.

Featured episode: The Evolving Role of IT. This episode features Intel India President Kumud Srinivasan, a 25-year Intel veteran, discussing how information technology became such an essential part of the enterprise and how IT’s role continues to change.


3. RunAs Radio

A weekly Internet audio talk show for IT professionals working with Microsoft products. The full range of IT topics is covered from a Microsoft-centric viewpoint.

Featured episode: Lessons from a Penetration Tester. In this episode, Paula Januszkiewicz, IT security auditor and penetration tester, enterprise security MVP and trainer (MCT) and Microsoft security trusted advisor, discusses common vulnerabilities for corporate systems.


4. SearchCIO

Known for delivering the latest IT leadership news and trends, provides technology management strategies designed exclusively for the IT executive.

Featured episode: IT Strategies In a Bad Economy. During this podcast, Executive Editor Karen Guglielmo interviews Pamela Rucker, vice president of IT at Phillips Services Corp. (PSC), about how to keep projects alive during tight budget times.


5. Microsoft TechNet Radio

This podcast is for anyone who is passionate about IT. It goes deep into everyday technologies and the people that build, deploy, and manage them.

Featured episode: What is DevOps, and Why Is It Important For IT Professionals. This episode sheds some light on how everyone–from IT professionals, developers, businesses, end-users, and customers—can greatly benefit from building DevOps into their organization.



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