Internships for college students Internships for college students

Gain valuable work experience

Internships for college students

Securing an internship is your opportunity to learn and work in a real work environment within your industry. Make the most of your time – apply the skills you learn in your job to potentially earn credit toward your degree.

What does an internship for college credit mean?

You can potentially earn credit toward your degree and help build relevant career skills with an internship. As a Capella student, you’ll enroll in an internship course and find an approved internship. Requirements to complete the course include fulfilling a set number of hours or meetings, achieving self-defined learning objectives, and other requirements, such as a reflection paper or portfolio of completed work.

Benefits of an internship

Curious about what you get from an internship? Here are just a few of the benefits.

  • Gain hands-on, applied experience
  • Network in your field
  • Determine if the field is a good fit for your prospective career
  • Provide an example of professional experience for your resume
  • Ensure that you have developed effective, professional time management skills

Programs that feature internships

These GuidedPath programs offer courses with an internship option.


MS in Human Resource Management

Gain the expertise needed to pursue a career in the human resources field.

Available internship courses

Taken during the learner’s final quarter:

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HRM5960 *
HRM Capstone: Improving and Transforming HR Practice

This is an integrative course for learners in the MS in Human Resource Management degree program. Learners synthesize and integrate the knowledge, competencies, and skills acquired throughout the program by developing and implementing a final project that demonstrates critical thinking, creativity, and practical application of program content. Learners apply models and best practices in human resource management to achieve desired project outcomes. Prerequisite(s): Completion of all required coursework. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer or credit for prior learning.

5 quarter credits

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Other ways to earn credit

Credit for prior learning

You may be eligible to earn credit toward your bachelor’s or master’s for your previous college-level learning, certifications and training acquired on the job. 


You may be eligible to earn credit while gaining professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a career interest.

Transfer credit

Before starting at Capella, you may be able to transfer in credits you’ve earned from another accredited university.

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