Work-based learning Work-based learning

Work experience for college credit

Work-based learning

Capella University’s options for work-based learning are a way to apply coursework to real projects in your place of employment. Make the most of your time – apply the skills you learn in your job to gain credit toward your degree.

What is work-based learning?

Available for select courses, work-based learning is designed to put your knowledge to work in the real world. Your faculty and employer can help you identify skills in your course that apply to your job. Then you’ll use your work activities in projects and discussions alongside other students in the course.

Work-based learning programs

For our work-based learning programs, you’ll either bring a project from your workplace to the courseroom, or you’ll work on a semi-structured collaborative project with a Capella partner organization. The valuable real work experience you gain can apply to both the courseroom and your career.

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Other ways to earn credit

Credit for prior learning

You may be eligible to earn credit toward your bachelor’s or master’s for your previous college-level learning, certifications and training acquired on the job. 


You may be eligible to earn credit while gaining professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a career interest.

Transfer credit

Before starting at Capella, you may be able to transfer in credits you’ve earned from another accredited university.

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