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Total program credits needed for graduation: 76

One academic quarter is three months. You will have a three-week break between each quarter.

Core Courses

42 course quarter credits.

Collaboration, Communication, and Case Analysis for Doctoral Learners (4 quarter credits)
Innovative Business Practices in Health Care (6 quarter credits)
Strategic Financial Management in Health Care (6 quarter credits)
Health Care Policy Processes (6 quarter credits)
21st-Century Health Care Leadership (4 quarter credits)
Preparing for the Professional Doctorate in Nursing and Health Sciences (4 quarter credits)
Scholarly Methods in Nursing and Health Sciences (4 quarter credits)
Evaluation and Interpretation of Data in Health Care (4 quarter credits)
Keystone: Determining Readiness for the Professional Doctorate (4 quarter credits)


Specialization Courses

18 course quarter credits. Choose three from the following courses.

Health Policy in the United States (6 quarter credits)
Global Health Policy (6 quarter credits)
Policy Advocacy and Analysis (6 quarter credits)
Strategic Vision and Planning in Health Care (6 quarter credits)
Evidence-Based Leadership in Health Care (6 quarter credits)
Health Care Leadership Excellence in a Consumer-Driven Market (6 quarter credits)
Health Data Analytics in Quality (6 quarter credits)
Performance Management and Process Improvement (6 quarter credits)
Patient Safety, Accreditation, and Regulation in Health Care (6 quarter credits)

Capstone Courses

Learners must register for DHA9971 a minimum of four times to fulfill their program requirements. 16 course quarter credits. 

Doctoral Capstone (4 quarter credits each)†

*This course has a prerequisite. Contact an enrollment counselor or refer to the course descriptions for more information.

† Learners are responsible for the cost of their travel, accommodations, food, and other expenses associated with this course.

Transfer Credits

There are many ways to reduce tuition costs, including transferring credits which can help save time and money. You can transfer up to 18 credits into this program.

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