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Connect to learn about your scholarship opportunities

Whatever degree level you’re pursuing, connecting with an enrollment counselor is the best way to find out if you’re eligible for a scholarship, along with other ways to save on your degree.

No payback

Capella scholarships do not require repayment at any time

Your eligibility

Capella scholarship eligibility is not based on financial need

Current available scholarships

The following scholarships support students who are new or returning to Capella. Current students are eligible for our enrolled student scholarships. New students may apply for only one of the scholarships listed below.

+Tech Assessment Scholarship - $1,000 - $12,000

+PhD in Education Dissertation Scholarship - $10,000

+PhD in Business Management Success Scholarship - $8,000

+Bachelor's in Business Scholarship - $8,000

+DSW Capstone Scholarship - $7,500

+Public Health Scholarship - $2,000 - $7,500

+Advanced Studies in Human Behavior Scholarship - $7,500

+DBA Scholarship - $7,000

+Capella Alumni Scholarship - $5,000

+Health Administration Scholarships - $1,200 - $5,000

+EdD Capstone Scholarship - $5,000

+Nursing Scholarships – $1,200 - $5,000

+Bachelor's Psychology Make an Impact Scholarship - $5,000

+Doctor of Information Technology Scholarship - $5,000

+Bachelor's Criminal Justice Achieve and Lead Scholarship - $5,000

+MBA Create Your Future Scholarship – $4,680

+Master's Counseling Success Scholarship - $4,000

+Advancement in Criminal Justice Scholarship - $3,000

+PhD Psychology Scholarship for Success - $3,000

+Doctoral Success Scholarship - $3,000

+Advancement in Human Services Scholarship - $3,000

+Capella BS to MS Psychology Scholarship - $3,000

+BS Psychology Pre-Counseling Scholarship - $3,000

+Advancement in Emergency Management Scholarship - $3,000

+MS in Education Scholarship - $3,000

+Advancement in Public Administration Scholarship - $3,000

+Success in Human Services Scholarship - $2,250

+Bachelor's in Health Care Administration Scholarship - $2,000

+MS in Higher Education Scholarship - $1,500

+Military Success Scholarship - $600

Additional scholarship sources

When searching and applying for scholarships, do not provide your social security number, credit card, bank information, or send money — it may be a scam.

Other organizations committed to funding education have made scholarships available. Contact the scholarship sponsor to learn more about your eligibility and the application process.

+ Military Scholarships

There are numerous scholarships available to current service members, their family members, and veterans of all the branches of the military. Learn more about military benefits.

+ Disability Scholarships

Scholarships are available for students with specific types of disabilities. Learn more about scholarship opportunities and eligibility requirements.

+ Additional Scholarship Websites

Find more scholarships through your own research or the following trusted websites.

Capella offers scholarships to new students who enroll by the deadline, complete a specified number of courses, maintain good academic standing, and meet the other requirements set forth in the rules for each scholarship. Late applications will not be accepted. Scholarships are applied to Capella accounts to reduce education expenses such as tuition and fees.