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The rise in regulatory reforms along with an economic expansion has fueled an increase in demand for finance professionals. Undertaking an online finance degree affords you the opportunity to work in a variety of positions and environments, and allows you to add new skills to those you already possess. With Capella’s bachelor’s in finance degree program, you’ll gain an in-depth, insider’s knowledge of risk management, and entrepreneurship from professors who have spent a considerable portion of their careers either in the financial sector or closely associated with it.

Flexible: Capella’s 100% online programs are competency based, allowing you to advance you career in the most efficient way. Moreover, our bachelor’s-to-master's degree options allow you to save significant time and money. Calculate My Costs & Graduation Date

Credible: Capella University is nationally recognized and many of our program offerings are accredited. The university benefits from a collaborative partnership with The Wall Street Journal – allowing you to enhance your knowledge while giving you a competitive edge.

To learn more about this program, request more information and we will match you with an enrollment counselor who specializes in your area of study.

Capella and The Wall Street Journal: A collaboration that works for you

Capella University has teamed with The Wall Street Journal to offer business students full digital access to the most timely, relevant business news, enhancing your academic experience and giving you a competitive edge in your career.

The annual Capella Business Leader Award, sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, helps inspire our students to reach their potential. Each year, three eligible business students are recognized as business leaders and given the opportunity to visit Wall Street, the epicenter of U.S. business. The 2017 Capella Business Leader Award marks the third annual opportunity. Applications will open May 1, 2017, with a submission deadline of June 12, 2017.

Save Thousands on Your Master's with a Combined Degree Option

Capella's combined bachelor's-to-master's degree options allow you to save significant time and money. It also allows you to start building for your future by earning master's-level credit while you complete your bachelor's.

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Degree Outcomes

Capella’s online finance degree program prepares you to analyze economic and financial data as well as manage personal, corporate and non-profit organization finances. You'll also develop a mastery of knowledge in international finance, risk management, entrepreneurial finance, and real estate. Discover specifically what you'll learn — and how you can apply it.

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People with Bachelor's degrees in Business from Capella earn an average of $36,000 more per year than high school graduates.

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Career Outcomes

Common jobs with an online program in finance include broker, financial advisor, trader or banker. Potential workplaces include banks, financial service companies or government.

For a More In-Depth Study

With this area of study, Capella also offers a program concentration — an opportunity to delve deeper into your specific knowledge area. Your program concentration can be included in your transcript to potentially enhance career opportunities.

Earn Credit for What You Already Know

Your previous learning, work experience, and industry certifications may help you earn your degree in less time. To learn more, contact an enrollment counselor or visit our Prior Learning Assessment page.

To learn more, call 1.866.933.5835, or email us. When you connect with Capella, we will immediately put you in touch with an enrollment counselor trained to assist you with specific questions and needs for your area of interest.