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Expand your knowledge of human behavior with Capella University's online Master's in General Psychology program. Through this program, you’ll learn the many ways psychology enters daily life. You’ll be encouraged to view topics from multiple perspectives and incorporate them into your research, theory, and practice to understand coherence among diverse psychological perspectives. Enrich your knowledge of general psychological principles, theories, and research methodologies to delve more deeply into topics that tie psychology to business, policy, and professional practice. This program is also available through FlexPath.

The Building Blocks of Your Master's Program

The curriculum focuses on the core, central principles of psychology. It is designed to help you develop basic interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity, and additional knowledge. You will be prepared for professional positions in social services agencies, schools and communities, business and industry, and health care.

FlexPath: A More Direct Path to Your Degree

FlexPath can help you earn your degree on your own schedule, at your own pace — with the potential to save you time and money. FlexPath self-paced learning allows you to move quickly through subjects you’re more familiar with or more slowly as needed. You’ll develop the same mastery — and earn the same degree — as our GuidedPath learning format, only in a more efficient, more personalized way. Learn more about FlexPath self-paced learning.

Degree Outcomes

With your Master's in General Psychology from Capella, you'll learn to apply theoretical and research findings, and ethical principles and standards. You'll also learn to think critically in the discipline of psychology and effectively communicate psychological concepts. Discover specifically what you'll learn — and how you can apply it.

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Career Outcomes

Common jobs with an online program in general psychology include behavioral health specialist, clinical specialist, mental health workers or social services worker. Potential workplaces include community counseling center, government, mental health clinic, social service agency, college or university.


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