Work-based learning Work-based learning

Work-based learning

Your workplace is your classroom

Our Workplace Integrated Learning option is a way to apply coursework to real-world projects in your place of employment. Make the most of your time – apply the skills you learn in your job to gain credit toward your degree.

How does Workplace Integrated learning work?

Available for select courses, Workplace Integrated Learning is designed to put your knowledge to work in the real world. Your faculty and employer will help you identify skills in your course that can apply to your job. Then you’ll use your work activities in projects and classroom discussions right alongside other students in the course.

Benefits of Workplace Integrated Learning

Benefits of Workplace Integrated Learning

Curious about what you get from Workplace Integrated Learning? Here are just a few of the benefits.

  • Learn to think differently about issues and challenges at work
  • Gain leadership, teamwork and communication skills
  • Customize the skills you’re learning by using them in your industry
  • Make a positive impact, in your work and with your coworkers
  • Use workplace projects to complete assignments in select courses
  • Have real projects that are portfolio ready
  • Build out your resume 

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Workplace Integrated Learning featured programs

These GuidedPath programs offer courses with the Workplace Integrated Learning option.


Master of Business Administration

Build leadership skills and move forward in a competitive workplace with tools that can help you shape your career.


MS in Information Technology

Grow your career potential with skills that address technical and organizational problems, needs and opportunities.


MS in Human Resource Management

Gain the expertise needed to pursue a career in the human resources field.


Master of Health Administration

Pursue a leadership role in the health care field with skills in health care systems and technology.

Available Workplace Integrated Learning courses

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HRM5100 *
HRM Professional Internship

This course provides learners with an optional, experiential opportunity to complete up to 400 hours of applied service in an industrial or organizational work-related setting of their choosing. Learners may engage in human resource management roles, including recruitment and selection, talent development, employee engagement and retention, and compensation. Throughout the course, learners participate in supervised training at a pre-approved internship site and engage in concurrent online courseroom activities that emphasize increased self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-evaluation of workplace skills and leadership behaviors; application of evidenced-based practice; ability to practice within diverse populations; and practice within professional and ethical standards. For MS in Human Resource Management learners only. Grading for this course is S/NS. Prerequisite(s): HRM5002, HRM5060, HRM5070, HRM5090, HRM5065. Approval of internship application is required one quarter prior to course start. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer.

4 quarter credits
HRM5960 *
HRM Capstone: Improving and Transforming HR Practice

This is an integrative course for learners in the MS in Human Resource Management degree program. Learners synthesize and integrate the knowledge, competencies, and skills acquired throughout the program by developing and implementing a final project that demonstrates critical thinking, creativity, and practical application of program content. Learners apply models and best practices in human resource management to achieve desired project outcomes. Prerequisite(s): Completion of all required coursework. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer or credit for prior learning.

5 quarter credits
Information Technology Capstone Project

In this course, learners apply knowledge and skills from other courses as they develop a project that benefits an organization, community, or industry. Learners prepare a proposal that includes a project description, deliverables, completion dates, and associated learning. Upon approval from the instructor, learners execute the proposal, record their progress weekly using a project tracking website, and produce a final project report. For BS in Information Technology learners only. Must be taken during the learner’s final quarter. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer or credit for prior learning.

6 quarter credits
ITEC5030 *
Emerging Technologies

In this course, learners gain an understanding of new and disruptive technologies that are poised to have a significant impact on individuals, industry, technology, and society. Learners explore strategies for identifying and researching emerging technologies to determine their value-added application to the organization and examine models that help predict technology growth and proliferation. Prerequisite(s): ITEC5010.

4 quarter credits
ITEC5900 *
Applied Information Technology Project 1

In this first of a two-course sequence, learners further enhance their professional collaboration and communication skills to identify and select a project that addresses an IT problem or opportunity in an organizational or societal context. Learners apply IT evaluation frameworks and the RFP process to elicit and evaluate requirements and possible technology solutions. Learners also explore IT consulting skills to address technical, product, and related economic factors valuable for in-house and external consulting engagements. For MS in Information Technology learners only. Prerequisite(s): Completion of or concurrent registration in ITEC5020 and IAS5030 or ITEC5040 or ITEC5060 or PM5335. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer or credit for prior learning.

4 quarter credits
ITEC5905 *
Applied Information Technology Project 2

In this second of a two-course sequence, learner teams implement their project plan to address an IT problem or opportunity in an organizational or societal context. Teams finalize project requirements and complete tasks associated with the project, including regular status reporting, production of intermediate deliverables, on-going communication with key stakeholders, and developing an optimal IT solution that meets the requirements and solution context. Learners also complete a written report and conduct a final presentation that describes the solution and its implementation. Upon project conclusion, learners review and update their personal, technical, and soft skills development plan created at the beginning of the program. For MS in Information Technology learners only. Prerequisite(s): ITEC5900 and completion of or concurrent registration in ANLT5100 or IAS5220 or ISTM5112 or PM5336. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer or credit for prior learning.

4 quarter credits
MBA5910 *
MBA Capstone Experience

In this course, learners integrate the knowledge and skills gained during the MBA program in an application-based business project. Learners demonstrate their overall ability to identify and recommend evidence-based solutions to business challenges and opportunities. For MBA degree and certificate program learners and non-degree learners only. Prerequisite(s): All required and elective coursework. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer or credit for prior learning.

5 quarter credits
Project Management Foundations

In this cross-disciplinary course, learners analyze the fundamentals of project management and gain an overview of project management standards and their applicability to managing projects, with an emphasis on management methodologies and frameworks, including those defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). Learners have the opportunity to participate in experiential learning by bringing in a workplace project, or they may use the project provided in the course. Learners cultivate effective project management leadership skills, including project politics and ethics and collaboration.

4 quarter credits

Workplace Integrated Learning FAQ

Other ways to earn credit

Transfer credits

Before starting at Capella, you may be able to transfer in credits you’ve earned from another accredited university.

Credit for Prior Learning

Earn credit for your previous certifications, training, and college-level learning you’ve acquired on the job. Earn credits toward your bachelor’s or master’s with your certifications and demonstrated knowledge.

Capella Jumpstart

Capella Jumpstart offers an alternative pathway to admission into Capella bachelor’s GuidedPath programs.

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