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Understanding Capella’s FlexPath Billing Process

We value our relationships with the many business partners and employers who actively support their employees' learning goals through tuition assistance and direct billing. We'd like to support you in kind by providing this how-to guide to help you navigate the differences in FlexPath versus credit-hour coursework billing.

FlexPath Versus Credit-Hour Billing

Credit-hour learning is based on courseroom hours (hours a student spends in their courseroom converted into credit hour), whereas FlexPath is considered a direct assessment model. Unlike credit-hour courses, the direct assessment model evaluates student achievement through demonstration of competencies rather than course seat time.

A significant benefit of FlexPath is it gives students the freedom to learn without being bound to preset class times and weekly deadlines. FlexPath learners have the ability to move at an accelerated pace when they are able, and take additional time when needed. Because letter grades are not assigned in FlexPath and no term length is imposed, the transcript reflects competencies achieved (converted into credit hours for your ease).

What Is Subscription-Style Billing?

  • One flat tuition fee is charged every 12 weeks*
  • Students can complete as many courses as they are able to within that period
  • Tuition subscription is billed automatically every 12 weeks while the learner is enrolled
  • For this reason, course start and end dates will not align with billing start and end dates since end dates are dependent on the learner's progress
  • Courses can overlap from one billing session to the next if the learner has not completed all required assessments in the course
  • This "overlapping" of billing sessions and coursework can confuse employers who think they are getting double billed, but are actually getting billed for the next 12–week session

*Books, supplies and other fees may apply.

Helpful Tip:
Rather than focusing on paying for individual courses, employers should check that at least one course is completed each billing session.

Flexpath-Specific Invoicing

We've designed the FlexPath invoice to streamline billing and completed courses in one central location. This makes the subscription-billing process easier to understand for business partners and billing professionals. Key points include:

  • Invoice now shows billing and course detail on one page
  • Billing start/end dates may not necessarily coincide with course start and end dates
  • Translated traditional credit hour and letter grade is included for easier invoice tracking and reimbursement record keeping

Additional FlexPath Resources

For direct billing related questions, contact the financial aid contact center at 1.888.227.3552 option 1, then option 6.