Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology

One degree, many possibilities

Does learning about human behavior excite you? Want to help people modify their behavior using applied behavior analysis? Pursue your interest with a bachelor’s in psychology specialization that meets your goals.


BS in Psychology

Learn skills in research, critical thinking, problem-solving, and analysis, as you gain a foundational education in psychology and develop an understanding of human learning, emotions, and behaviors.


BS in Psychology Pre-Counseling

Build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills while also starting on a pathway to a master’s degree in psychology from Capella.

Why Choose Capella?

Make your mark in the field of psychology by focusing on an interest that fuels your passion. Capella’s online psychology bachelor's programs can help you take the direct path to meeting your career goals.

Professionally aligned curriculum

Our competency-based curriculum is designed around American Psychological Association (APA) Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major.

Expand your area of focus

Our BS in Psychology provides a strong foundation from which to focus your area of interest and specialize in your career.

Online education. Two ways

To meet the needs of busy professionals, we offer two competency-based online learning formats—GuidedPath and FlexPath*.

The right support. The right time.

Support and engagement services designed for psychology students provide assistance, answers, and a sense of community.

A head start on your master's

Get closer to meeting your career goals with credits for graduate-level courses that you can apply towards an accredited counseling master’s from Capella. 

Get credit for your knowledge

Earn credit for what you’ve learned in previous education, work training, and more with Credit for Prior Learning.

* FlexPath is only available for the BS in Psychology, General Psychology specialization.

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Doing Research as an Online BS in Psychology Student

BS in Psychology students have a unique opportunity to develop creative and analytical skills through research.

Helping Professions Guide

Explore paths and programs that leverage your unique interests to help build a better world.

How to Start and Grow a Career in ABA

Here’s what you need to know to start a career in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Ready for the next step?

Learning online doesn't mean going it alone. Help is here. From faculty, coaches, advisors and more. Plus a supportive community of students who are as passionate about their careers as you are about yours.