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Step into a Fulfilling Career with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Learn skills in research, writing, problem solving, and analysis to prepare for a wide range of professions with an online bachelor’s degree program in psychology. You will also have the option to add a concentration to hone in on a more specific path toward your career goals. At Capella, you’ll have the flexibility to fit your psychology degree into your busy life.

Designed around American Psychological Association (APA) Guidelines, your Capella undergraduate psychology program will provide the foundational education you need to develop an understanding of human learning, emotions, and behaviors.

One Degree, Many Possibilities

Your bachelor’s degree covers the skills you need to get your career moving in the right direction—whatever direction you choose. By adding one of our optional concentrations in forensic psychology, addictions, or behavioral health, our program will help prepare you for the next level—whether that is a job or further study in a graduate program.

Apply knowledge of theories, treatments, and current research needed to respond to the psychological and behavioral aspects of a variety of addictions. Prepare for careers such as psychiatric technician or intake worker.

Behavioral Health
Gain the knowledge and skills you’ll need for service in the Behavioral Health field. Pursue graduate level programs upon completion of your degree, or seek a variety of careers, such as case manager, crisis worker, or victim advocate.

Forensic Psychology
Focus your study on criminal behavior and the roles forensic psychology professionals play in legal proceedings and treatment. Recognize the role, rights, and needs of victims in the criminal justice process, and prepare for careers such as victim advocate or child protective worker.

FlexPath: Your Degree in Your Time

Complete your bachelor’s degree on your schedule with FlexPath, Capella’s self-paced learning format. With FlexPath, you can move quickly through familiar subjects, and spend more time on material you still need to learn to tailor your program to your needs — without the pressure of weekly deadlines or set class times. You’ll earn your bachelor’s degree with the support you need to be successful, and develop the same skills as Capella's GuidedPath learning format – only in a more efficient, personalized way that may save you time and money.

The Right Support When You Need It

Capella offers undergraduates multiple support services, such as Just-in-Time Assistance (JITA), Psychology success labs, psychology club and access to our Career Center and Library. Enhance your learning experience through online forums, discussion groups, and coursework designed to develop your ability to address real-world topics in the psychology field.

Fast Track Your Progress with a Combined Option

You may potentially save time and money with a combined Bachelor's-to-Master's degree option. You’ll work toward two degree levels at the same time. If you’re enrolled in an eligible bachelor’s specialization, you’ll have the option to take master’s level courses and have the credits applied to both your bachelor’s and master’s degree requirements.

Save More When You Transfer Credits

Reduce the time and cost of finishing your degree by maximizing your transfer credits. You can transfer up to 135 credits into your Bachelor’s in Psychology program for coursework completed at an institution accredited by a U.S. Department of Education-recognized accrediting agency.

Gainful Employment & Learning and Career Outcomes

Investing in a college degree is no small thing. At Capella, we’re proud to share our learning and career outcomes—along with gainful employment results—so that you can make the most informed decisions about the programs that interest you.

Distinguished Faculty

Nearly all of Capella's faculty members from the Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences have a doctoral degree and many work as clinical, industrial, and organizational professionals.

Our instructors have real-world expertise and are proficient in designing programs to meet state and national accreditation standards, and have experience in businesses with a focus on succession planning, organizational development, executive development, and coaching.

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