Doctoral Degrees in Health Sciences

Move to the Top of Your Field

Take your career to new heights with an online DHA or a DrPH. You’ll explore today’s health care systems and develop strategic vision, planning capabilities, and evidence-based leadership skills.


Doctor of Health Administration

 Lead at the top of your field as you improve health care systems and collaborate interprofessionally to solve real-life organizational issues.


Doctor of Public Health

Lead in public health by applying evidence to solve public health problems and improve community health outcomes.

What's it like to be a doctoral student?

What does it take to earn a doctoral degree? Learn more about the experience, explore each step of the journey, and read stories from students who have successfully earned their doctorate.

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Capella University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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Why Choose Capella?

Capella sets you up for on-the-job success with DHA and DrPH programs aligned to meet rigorous industry standards. Apply what you’re learning right away to lead, inspire, and provide ethical guidance in an era of reform and change.

Integrated Capstone

Our integrated approach allows you to identify a real-world challenge in health care administration and work with inspiring mentors to craft and implement a study that addresses the challenge. 

Exclusive Learner Success Lab

We’ll help you learn to manage your time and resources effectively—keeping you as efficient as possible. 

Apply your learning

Multiple research opportunities and study options are available as you work on creating an applied health administration doctoral project in a topic that appeals to you. 

Expert Advisory Board

Capella's School of Business, Technology, and Health Care Administration Advisory Board ensures our curriculum is developed with the insight and support of industry leaders.

Relevant blog posts

Whether you’re considering a return to school, exploring new career paths, or seeking ways to improve your job performance, the Capella Blog has relevant articles to support your goals.

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Dr. Ben Spedding, Capella’s Faculty Chair for Public Health and Health Leadership, discusses changes in the field.

Health Equity: An Emerging Issue in Public Health

The effect of health equity is an issue at the forefront of public health in the U.S. 

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