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Advanced Studies in Human Behavior Doctor of Philosophy in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior

School of Counseling and Human Services


Total program credits needed for graduation: 104

One academic quarter is three months. You will have a three-week break between each quarter.

24 Required Courses, 88 quarter credits

SHB8002 Advanced Research in Adult Human Development and Behavior 4 quarter credits
HMSV8120* Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Human Services 4 quarter credits
HMSV8130* Advanced Quantitative Research Methods in Human Services 4 quarter credits
HMSV8140* Advanced Research Methods in Human Services 4 quarter credits
HS8478 The Family in Social Context 4 quarter credits
SHB8100 Fundamentals of Social Science Research 4 quarter credits
SHB8101 Interdisciplinary Leadership in Social and Behavioral Sciences 4 quarter credits
SHB8111* Quantitative Research Methods in Studies in the Human Services 4 quarter credits
SHB8112* Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Human Services 4 quarter credits
SHB8113* Advanced Study in Research Methods 4 quarter credits
SHB8315 Advanced Program Design 4 quarter credits
SHB8316 Advanced Program Evaluation 4 quarter credits
SHB8331 Advanced Child and Adolescent Studies 4 quarter credits
SHB8441 Advanced Ethics and Leadership in Studies in Human Behavior 4 quarter credits
SHB8551 Advanced Contemporary Issues in Studies in Human Behavior 4 quarter credits
SHB8661 Risk and Resiliency in Diverse Populations 4 quarter credits
SHB8775 Issues in Aging, Grief, and Bereavement 4 quarter credits
SHB8810 Advanced Issues in Eating Disturbances 4 quarter credits
SHB8811 Advanced Issues in Addictive Behaviors 4 quarter credits
DRS-R8925* PhD Dissertation Research Seminar Track 1 3 quarter credits
DRS-R8926* PhD Dissertation Research Seminar Track 2 3 quarter credits
DRS-R8927* PhD Dissertation Research Seminar Track 3 3 quarter credits

Comprehensive Examination and Dissertation Coursework

Upon completion of all required coursework:

SHB9919* Doctoral Comprehensive Examination 3 quarter credits

Learners must register for SHB9960 a minimum of four times to fulfill their specialization requirements.

SHB9960* Dissertation Courseroom 3 quarter credits each

Elective Courses

16 quarter credits

Choose any graduate courses related to human behavior within the fields of psychology, counseling, social work, human services, health care, public administration, education, or business.

*This course has a prerequisite. Contact an enrollment counselor or refer to the course descriptions for more information.

Residency Requirements

To support your academic and professional success, residencies provide learning and community-building experiences in a stimulating scholarly environment. For this specialization, you must complete three four-day residencies (DRS-R8925, DRS-R8926, DRS-R8927).

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What Can I Expect?

Each unit consists of readings, discussions, and other activities you will be expected to complete throughout the week. Assignments are due on Sundays, though not every course requires an assignment each week.

In each course, you will receive a detailed scoring guide that describes expectations for every graded assignment.

Grades are based on your participation in weekly reading discussions and completion of assignments. You will also be assessed on your ability to demonstrate an understanding of expected outcomes for your program or specialization. These outcomes are based on the needs and performance standards of your field or discipline.

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Transfer Credits

There are many ways to reduce tuition costs, including transferring credits which can help save time and money. You can transfer up to 28 credits into this specialization.

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