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General Business Management Specialization Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management

School of Business and Technology

Become a Business Influencer

Choose how you’d like to make an impact in business: teach, consult, or lead. Capella's online PhD in general business management program focuses on business theory, research, and practice. In your PhD program, you’ll master business concepts through specialized courses, research, and intensive in-person learning experiences designed to sharpen your abilities and confidence as both a scholar and a business professional. 

What to Expect

  • 11 Core Courses
  • 5 Elective Courses
  • 3 Residencies
  • 1 Comprehensive Exam
  • Dissertation

Classes Start February 5th

Ready to get started? We’re ready for you. Chat with an enrollment counselor or apply now to take the first step on the journey toward your future.

Admissions Requirements »  | $50 Application Fee

What You’ll Learn

Expand Your Business Knowledge

Exhibit proficiency in academic research, writing, and critical-thinking.

Master Research Concepts

Conduct ethical scholarly research through innovative and traditional methods. 

Blend Theory & Practice

Examine emerging trends and technological advances that influence business theory and practice. 

Combine Knowledge & Ethics

Advance the theory and practice of global business management with ethical interdisciplinary business knowledge. 

Apply Leadership Theories

Apply leadership theories and techniques, including advanced communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Lead Business Progress

Evaluate the effectiveness of business principles and systems theories to effect change in global environments.

Program Features

Our program offers additional benefits you might be interested in.

Quarterly Tuition Maximum

You pay a $5,000 flat-rate tuition maximum when taking six or more credits, or $925 per credit when taking up to five credits*.

Distinguished Faculty

Our faculty is made up of scholar-practitioners who are active within their professions and bring real-world experience to the courseroom.

*Cost of each residency is included in the $5,000 quarterly tuition maximum; books, resource kit, travel, lodging, meals, and other expenses are not included. 

Cost & Learning Format

Online education isn’t one size fits all. We know you’re busy—you need a learning experience tailored to your life, not the other way around. Capella has learning and tuition formats to suit you, however you learn. 

Our original learning format offers extra structure for those who want it.  We'll set the schedule, you meet the deadlines. 

  • Based on the quarter system; 1-3 courses per 10-week quarter
  • 1 semester credit = 1.5 quarter credits
  • Weekly assignments and courseroom discussions
  • Pay for what you take, price varies by courseload or term
$925 per credit $5K Quarterly Tuition Max, 90 total quarter credits, 12 max transfer credits

Get the Details

Speak with an enrollment counselor to get a personalized cost estimate for what you can expect to pay.

*This is only an estimate, using general program pricing. Your price may be higher or lower depending on your specialization, transfer credits, and tuition discounts. The prices above show what you would pay if you brought in the average number of transfer credits or the maximum allowed transfer credits.  

Ways to Save

At Capella, we believe your education is an investment in your future. It’s also an investment within your grasp. Your goals are achievable—there are more ways to save than you might think. 

Scholarships for New Students

Capella scholarships, available for qualifying students, aren’t need-based and never have to be repaid. 

Transfer Credits

We can accept many transfer credits from regionally accredited schools. 

Employer & Association Discounts

Many employers and organizations partner with Capella to offer tuition discounts. Talk to an enrollment counselor to learn more. 

Faculty Interview

"It’s my job to ensure that the folks who spend time, money, and energy with us during their educational process have the right knowledge, skills, and abilities so they can succeed in the workplace immediately."

Rhonda Capron, PhD
School of Business and Technology Dean

Accredited & Respected

Capella University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Accreditation and recognitions provide the assurance we meet standards for quality of faculty, curriculum, learner services, and fiscal stability. See all of our accreditations and recognitions

Sample Courses

Your PhD in General Business Management curriculum will include the research and observation of business systems, leadership, financial management, accounting, economics, strategy, and social responsibility. 

Dissertation Research Seminar

Allows you to work extensively on your dissertation topic, methodology, literature review, and research plan from the beginning of your program. 

Support to Reach the Finish Line

Our doctoral curriculum is designed to give you dedicated support early in your program—so you can be confident in the steps to completing your degree. 

Doctoral Advising

A doctoral degree takes special effort. It's why we offer expert support at every step to keep you moving forward toward your goal.

Some of the courses you will take:

Course Number Course Description
BMGT8006 Business Principles and Practices
BMGT8008 Ethics and Leadership in Global Environments
BMGT8016 Strategic Management and Practice
BMGT8018 The 21st-Century Organization
BMGT8030 Management Theory Creation

Faculty & Support

You’re never going it alone at Capella. Our dedicated faculty and support teams are waiting to guide, help, and advise you through every step of your educational journey.


Our distinguished faculty members hold top credentials in their fields. They’re here to teach the knowledge and skills you’ll need, now.

Enrollment Counselors

These folks are superstars. We hear it from our students (and grads). They’re here to help find a program fit and set you up for success.  


Want to learn more about courses, instructors, or resources? Ask our advisors—they know all about the details of your program.

Career Center

For this team, it’s more than résumés and interview tips. It’s about thoughtful and strategic career planning—beyond graduation.

Relevant Blog Posts

Whether you’re considering a return to school, exploring new career paths, or seeking ways to improve your job performance, the Capella Blog has relevant articles to support your goals.

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Move Forward in Your Career

Here are just some of the career options you could explore with our PhD in general business management degree.

Related Job Titles to Explore*

  • Dean or associate dean of a business program
  • Full-time faculty
  • Adjunct or part-time faculty
  • Chief executive officer
  • President
  • Vice president
  • Business consultant
  • Director

Related Employment Settings to Explore

  • Community college
  • Consulting firm
  • Consulting firm
  • Government—local, state, federal
  • Land-based or online college or university
  • Nongovernmental organization
  • Nonprofit organization
  • Public and private education
  • Various settings based on consulting clients

*These examples are intended to serve as a general guide.  Many factors determine what position an individual may attain, and Capella can’t guarantee a graduate will secure any specific job title.

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