“Thank you so much for this opportunity of a lifetime. I could not be more humbled and excited for graduate school and especially my future career.” Kevin Brandini, ANA Leadership Institute™ Nursing Scholarship winner at Capella University

Joining forces to support and educate nurses who want to be leaders, the American Nurses Association Leadership Institute™ and Capella University have selected the winners of six full scholarships to new nursing students. The ANA Leadership Institute Nursing Scholarship is the latest collaborative effort between ANA and Capella.

Scholarship applicants were required to be ANA members, new to Capella, and participants in an ANA Leadership Institute program. The scholarships were offered for any degree level (bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral). Applicants were asked to write essays on how they plan to use their degree to improve patient care and advance the nursing profession; the essays were reviewed by representatives from Capella and ANA Leadership Institute.

The 6 scholarship recipients shared why they’re seeking their degree and what they intend to do with it.

  • Kevin Brandini, MSN Nursing Informatics. “I firmly believe that obtaining a graduate nursing degree in [nursing informatics] will render more opportunities for which I can pursue my vision, my ideas for what clinical informatics can offer in terms of improving the overall patient and nurse experience.”
  • Sarah Hall-Shalvoy, DNP. “My hope is that the DNP will further my skills as an effective leader and translator of trends in health care and the value of nursing within the health care system. “
  • Teressa Moore, MSN Nursing Leadership and Administration. “I look at nursing as caring for a patient and their family members as if they were your own. Nursing is not just a career where you help others, but also one in which you, too, are affected as you develop an appreciation for life.”
  • Angie Oien, BSN-to-DNP. “The nursing profession has finally earned [the] admiration…of our physician and operations colleagues. This recognition…has ensured that nursing’s voice will be heard. [We need] more highly educated nurse leaders who are willing and able to apply the principles of transformational leadership in order to lead nursing into the future of health care.”
  • Paula Schultz, MSN Nursing Education. “My passion is for every patient to receive health information that they can understand and act upon. My goal is to see health literate, culturally sensitive patient education…become part of the way every nurse cares for every patient.”
  • Timothy Thomas, MSN Nursing Leadership and Administration. “If I am able to positively influence another nurse’s life, and be their mentor, it will allow me to have a positive impact on the quality of care they provide to their patients.”


Capella University and ANA Leadership Institute wish the scholarship recipients all the best as they move forward in their education and careers!


ANA Leadership Institute, in collaboration with Capella University, provide courses and webinars focused on effective nursing leadership and collaboration for improved patient outcomes. Learn more about Capella’s online nursing degrees and ANA Leadership Institute™ program offerings, including on-demand Leadership CE courses. 



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