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Public Health Degrees & Certificates

Take the Lead in Health Care

Help improve health care systems, reduce costs, and improve population health. Capella’s online public health programs help you lead and make a difference.

Drive Change and Positively Impact Your Community

Public health protects and supports the health of communities. Professionals in the field advocate for everything from flu shots to government policies that promote health and reduce injuries and sickness. Capella students develop solutions for real-life situations, giving them the skills and knowledge to help them advance the profession and their careers. Capella offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in public health, as well as public-health certificates.


Doctor of Public Health

Lead in public health by applying evidence to solve public health problems and improve community health outcomes.


Master of Public Health

 Prepare to improve the health of populations and learn to develop solutions to create healthy communities and improve heath access for diverse groups.


BS in Public Health

Address public health challenges with a foundational understanding of epidemiology, biostatistics, social and behavioral sciences, environmental health, and more. Choose between two degree plans.


Public Health Certificates

Gain differentiating knowledge and skills—with a certificate in public health or epidemiology—to help you improve and protect the health of your community. 

We believe in being transparent about the real cost, time, and value of a Capella degree. Learn more about Capella’s learning outcomes and gainful employment.

Accredited & Recognized

Capella University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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Why Choose Capella?

Expert Advisory Board

Capella’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences Advisory Board ensures your curriculum is developed with the insight and support of industry leaders.

Learn It Today, Do It Tomorrow

With Capella’s competency-based approach, your coursework is designed to help you gain immediately applicable skills. 

World-Class Faculty

You’ll gain real-world perspectives and insights from faculty who are recognized for both academic and industry expertise.

Immersive Learning Experiences

In our virtual health care simulation tool, you’ll practice real-life scenarios in a safe environment.

“Capella helped me stay sane by giving me the flexibility I needed to juggle all these things. It also gave me a strong education. Capella absolutely positioned me to move forward.”

Cathy Runnels*
Master's of Public Health
*Actual Capella student who agreed to appear in our promotional materials.

Public Health Career Insights

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Discover careers to explore with a public health degree.

How to Start and Grow a Career in Public Health

Discover how to begin a career in public health with a bachelor’s degree, and when and why to pursue an advanced degree.

The Role of Public Health Officials in Combating Infectious Diseases

Public health officials play a vital role in researching and educating the public on infectious diseases.

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